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Sketch art commissions
This is for a single character sketch drawing. Could be any where from a sketch drawing of a wolf to sketch drawing of your world of warcraft character. Just keep in mind I do have a problem with drawing armor as well as some animals. If it turns out it is outside of skill zone you will be refunded 100%. Also if you would like turn the sketch in to line art as a base/template for any and all sites you are on that is fine.

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An end finally in sight

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 24, 2015, 9:36 AM

After fighting so long and hard to find a neurologist that would just see me then having said neurologist's office fuck me over not once but twice! That's right you heard me right. The called the day before to cancel the appoint and said the doctor was taking the day off.. even though I had booked this appointment well over a month in advance. So I reschedule it to another day and they where booked for over a month yet again. I finally get to the day i had been reschedule to and called to make sure I still had an appointment because I didn't get the reminder call yet.. and get this they changed the date on me without telling me to two weeks later. I had already taken the time off of work and got some to drive me there and it was to short notice to do that all over again. So I had to reschedule yet again for guess what two months out this time. I was at my wits end and it just seemed like this neurologist office didn't care at all. My sister and a few people I work with where going to this neurologist building that is out of town and like almost an hour away and though it all where telling me to just go there instead of dealing with the crazy office. I got a new referral from my doctor a few weeks ago as well changed my anxiety medication because the vistaril was just not doing it any more.. in order to make it though a day at work I had to pop like three of them and i was just so dead tired and out of it. I called my healthcare provider and found out that the place my sister and co-works go to is covered by my insurance so I called and made an appointment. and I was able to get in within a week.. hell they wanted me in two days later but because of work I had to wait a week.  

However after finally getting to see a 
neurologist I finally have good news. After what felt like an hours of going over everything that has happen in the past year with me medically, the test the results of said test the office fucking me over... the new neurologist looked at me and said I think you have fibromyalgia which has been casing all these problems you have and why things have been steadily getting worse. So my neurologist is going to put me on gabapentin 600mgs two times a day and sumatriptan 100th as needed for headaches can take two pills twice a week. He also wants me to take magnesium at 400mg once a day to help with the headaches. I am to now add a headache dairy on top of the pain one i already have going. I can not tell you how happy I feel after hearing this news... Its as if you where doubted and told there is nothing wrong with you because you seem alright on the out side.. but on the inside you where going crazy because you knew there was something going on but no one believed you.

I will not be starting these medications till Sunday because i work the next two days and its very irresponsible for someone to start any new drugs before going to work when you have no idea what the side effects can be. I ask for your patience and understand for the time being in that I maybe unable to do anything for a few days or weeks well dealing with the new medications and herbal supplements and there side effects.

I had been thinking of stepping away from art for a while now this past week... had some things come up over the last image I posted this past week that really got me down... so much so I was going to just quit drawing all together, sell off all my drawing tablets and art stuff and just quit everything. Art has became and struggle for me.. sitting for long moments at a time hurts so much, then there are days that I want to draw but can't because my hands just wont work and it'ts been slowly killing my spirit. The words spoken where harsh and if it wasn't for what I was going though at the moment it wouldn't of effected me so. 
While I am gone for a while seeing if these medications work I'll be thinking over my out look with art and such.

~-= Etsy Shop =-~

If you haven't checked out my etsy shop just yet go take a look. I have the following items for sale with things being added every few days to a week as I get done working on them.

Prices right now rage between $10 to $20 with $6 for shipping.

Items come from smoke free environment.

Items will be shipped with USPS with flat rate box and or envelope and come with tracking number.

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