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Sketch art commissions
This is for a single character sketch drawing. Could be any where from a sketch drawing of a wolf to sketch drawing of your world of warcraft character. Just keep in mind I do have a problem with drawing armor as well as some animals. If it turns out it is outside of skill zone you will be refunded 100%. Also if you would like turn the sketch in to line art as a base/template for any and all sites you are on that is fine.

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Finally getting better...

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 9, 2015, 6:06 PM

Thanks to the new medication I was put on (gabapentin 600mgs two times a day) I have finally started to feel better. My neurologist wanted me to wean up to the high dose. I am at one full pill at night and a half of a pill in the morning. Come the end of next week I'll be on the full dose. So far the pain and the weird feelings have lessened by over three fourths. I can now do things I have stopped doing for a while. I have also stated to lose the tingle and on fire feeling in my hands and feet as well as the numbness that would come out of no where and feel like a part of my body was a sleep but not really. 

I see my 
neurologist again for a medication check next month. In the mean time I see my primary doctor this week for a medication check as well (they switched my anxiety medication over to Klonopin) So far the Klonopin has been working great how ever I found out I can not take the Klonopin and the gabapentin at the same time. I have a bit of a side effect in that I be come so doped up that its like I have virago. Found this out in a some what sad way.

Zuzu became very sick a week ago, we thought it was just a really bad low blood sugar drop. I did everything I normally do when this happens and he bounced back like normal... how ever 24 hours later he was right back at it acting sick only this time he was acting blind.. I looked at his eyes and they seemed alright to me.. but he was just walking off the shelfs in his cage so i took him out of the cage and he became restless and started to just circle the room and if he walked in to anything he would just sit there starting at the wall. I started freaking out and having an anxiety attack so I took the Klonopin and 40 minutes later was the time i had to take the gabapentin. turns out i can't mix the two medication. 

On a side note we had to put Zuzu down. He was very sick and would not be able to hold on to see a ferret friendly vet two days later. I was devastated after putting Zuzu down that I just sat there holding my last ferret Renee. I clined to him while I cried. I didn't think Zuzu would get sick the way he did and have to be put down.. I thought he had at lest another two years to go. 

We had been talking about getting another pet when the time was right... Never once thought that I would buy another ferret so quickly after losing another one to cancer. A day later my father took me to go get some stuff i needed at the pet store and we happen to walk past the ferrets... and this little girl was so full of energy and life. we didn't get her that day. we went home and talked about it and checked how my other ferret Renee was reacting to being the only ferret in the house.. He wasn't do good, he was laying around a lot more then normal and he wasn't eating much. we went the next day and picked her up. I knew she more then likely could not hear by her markings on her head.. but thought maybe her little take on the world with no fear was what my other ferret needed. We do have a long road a head of us with training wise because of her being deaf but I think we can do it.. my one ferret years ago was deaf and we didn't know it till he was like around a year and a half.

Now I would never condone introduce a new ferret so soon after getting it in ones home.. But Renee had stopped eating and was not doing well. He was very lonely and needed a friend. After the two of them played for a bit he started eating and acting normal. Again I would never condone this action but with Renee being an older ferret not eating for long extended time frames could make his blood sugar levels drop and be come very sick.

Since having the new baby ferret that we have called Maive things have taken a better turn. Renee is active and eating so much better now. she also seems to be keeping me more active as well which is good for my fibromyalgia... because keeping active is key with that.

Say hello to Maive.. the little ferret girl who doesn't know she can't hear and is willing to take on the world and show it who is boss.

 photo 10983570_996273040438160_2119433125034822316_n.jpg

 photo 11822726_996272990438165_7795980637630061469_n.jpg

 photo 11822793_996300967102034_8152575300841663318_n.jpg

 photo 11813255_999852896746841_1130152664975082712_n.jpg

~-= Etsy Shop =-~

If you haven't checked out my etsy shop just yet go take a look. I have the following items for sale with things being added every few days to a week as I get done working on them.

Prices right now rage between $10 to $20 with $6 for shipping.

Items come from smoke free environment.

Items will be shipped with USPS with flat rate box and or envelope and come with tracking number.


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